SSMR Adoption

Adoption Information and Application

Thank you for your interest in adopting a rescued Mastiff!  The steps for adopting a mastiff from SSMR are:

  • Completion of the adoption application
  • A telephone interview with you
  • A home visit with you
  • A check of your vet and personal references
  • Decision by the State Coordinator
  • Matching you and a dog
  • Signing an adoption contract and payment of the adoption fee

In order to be considered for one of our rescue dogs, you must complete an adoption application which can be found below on our website.  Please provide as much information as possible about your family, lifestyle, previous dog experience, and your needs.  Applications which are incomplete will delay, and perhaps prevent, consideration of you as an applicant.


If we feel that you are a good candidate for a rescue mastiff, one of our volunteers will contact you for a telephone interview.  This step allows us to get to know you better and to provide an opportunity for you to ask any questions you might have about the process and our dogs.


Following the telephone interview, a visit to your home will be scheduled by one of our volunteers. These home visits are designed to get to know you and your family, including any pets that the rescue mastiff will be living with.  These visits provide us with information about how a dog will fit into the routine of the household and what type of dog would best match your lifestyle.  It also gives you a chance to meet us!  We are sure that you will find our volunteers warm, wonderful and very helpful!  All family  members must be in attendance for the home visit.


One of our volunteers will speak with your vet and personal references. Contact with your past and present vets gives us information about the health care you have provided your pet(s). Conversations with personal references give us information about your relationships with past and present pets that help us understand what type of dog might be best suited to your personality and lifestyle.


All information about your family—application, telephone interview, home visit report as well as vet and personal reference checks—are reviewed by the State Coordinator who makes a decision regarding your approval as an adopter.


Once you are approved, a volunteer will contact you to discuss dogs that might be a good match for you. If a dog is fostered locally, we will arrange for a meeting. If there is a good match in another SSMR area we will put you in contact with that area’s State Coordinator who will in turn put you in touch with the person who is best acquainted with the dog.  Again, a meeting with the dog will be arranged.


Once you decide that a particular dog is the one for you, you will sign the SSMR Adoption Contract, pay the adoption fee and take the dog home.  Once the Adoption Contract is signed by the State Coordinator responsible for the dog, the adoption is final.

Our process is thorough and can take some time.  If you are looking to adopt a dog immediately, we may not be the best avenue for you.  It is always difficult to predict how long it will take until a match is found.  The time frame is dependent upon several factors—the complexity of your household’s needs, the pool of available dogs and the difficulties of scheduling volunteers for various aspects of rescue work.  All of us in SSMR are volunteers who donate most of our “spare” time to this endeavor and must work around other commitments.  We do our best to move applicants through our process in a timely fashion.  Some adoptions can take weeks or months; others can happen as quickly as several days.  Your patience and understanding are greatly appreciated!

We are committed to our dogs before, during and after adoption.  We provide ongoing support to our adopters.  Our goal is to find and help foster permanent loving relationships for each dog we bring into rescue.  If there are issues after adoption, we work with our adopters to resolve those issues.  We do the best we can to learn as much about our dogs as possible, but can never predict with 100% certainty how a dog will evolve within a home.  There are many factors at play in establishing relationships between dog and family and we do all we can to support the process and educate adopters as needed.  In the event that a match does not work out, we welcome that dog back into rescue and find a more suitable home.

Ready to Adopt?

We strive to find each Mastiff that comes into our care the perfect home.  If you and your family are ready to provide that perfect home please fill out our application and we will be in touch with you. 

Adoption Application

SSMR Adoption Fees

On September 1st 2016 we began a new three tiered adoption rate:

$500 ($513.00 if paid by paypal) for puppies under one-year
$450 ($462.00 if paid by paypal) for adult dogs up to age seven
$200 ($210.00 if paid by paypal) for seniors and mixes

Dogs are vet checked, spayed or neutered, brought up to date on shots, tested for Heartworm and started on a preventative before being placed in adoptive homes. When paying by paypal, please note the dog's name that you are adopting and the state that the dog is located in in the comments section of Paypal.

Fees can be paid on paypal below.


Pay Adoption Fees Online