Bella - (SC)

Additional Information

Bella is a chubby, fawn, four year old female, very dedicated to being a “good girl”. Sweet, calm and well behaved, she seems to have only virtues. She was sadly owner surrendered when a divorce moved both the family into apartments and the adults into new jobs.

She is friendly with strangers and likes to be around people as much as possible but is always relaxed and polite. She’s great with kids of all ages, undoubtedly grieving about the two she had to leave behind. She’s a cuddler, happiest in the foster’s office, asleep at her feet. She’s fine on a leash but is also quite dependably good off leash, much more interested in spending time with you than hopelessly chasing the errant squirrel. Not surprisingly, she was a dream at the vet office, relaxed and friendly.

She’s completely comfortable with other dogs, never intimidated or confrontational. If they are too rambunctious or annoying, she simply ignores them until they get the point. She was even surprised but laissez-faire about the donkeys and goats at her foster’s farm.

Bella is a lovely affectionate, adaptable “take me anywhere” girl.

Listing Details

State: SC

Entered rescue: March 29, 2019

Gender: Female

Color: Fawn

Age: 4 yrs.

History: Owner Surrender

Reactions to strangers: Friendly

Demeanor with children: Calm

Behavior with other dogs: Good

Behavior with cats: Unknown, but probably fine

House training: Excellent

Spayed / Neutered: Yes

Health status: Good