Big John - Available (SC)

Additional Information

Another terrific mastiff for the easy-going family who wants to smile a lot.  He is a mellow, laidback, very social cuddler whose preference, of course, is to be at your side all the time.

Strangers will do in a pinch, however, and every deliveryman and vet is going to be in love with this dog.  A well-fenced yard is a must as John will wander over to visit the neighbors if given the chance and, like many mastiffs, recall is only so-so.

He has been well-raised and has wonderful, gentle manners.  He is completely house-trained and has never had an accident in the house.  He does very well on a leash, a good traveler in the car and is extremely adaptable to new situations and experiences.

He is an agile and active middle-aged mastiff who likes to play and gets along immediately with other dogs, those in his house and even the neighbors.   Cats and children are unknowns but affable mastiffs are usually good with both.

Listing Details

State: SC

Entered rescue: 1/19/2020

Gender: Male

Color: Fawn

Age: 5-6 years.

History: Abandoned at rest stop

Reactions to strangers: Good

Demeanor with children: Unknown but expected fine

Behavior with other dogs: Good

Behavior with cats: Unknown but expected fine

House training: Good

Spayed / Neutered: Yes

Health status: Good