Cornbread- Available (GA)

Additional Information

Cornbread was picked up by Animal Control as a stray and delivered to a small excellent shelter. He was well-groomed, fed and cared for when picked up and exceptionally worried

about what would become of him as can be seen in his first picture. It was thought by the shelter staff that he might have been stolen or somehow separated from his owners as he clearly had not been on his own for any length of time.

He is young, about a year old, very friendly, adaptable, easy-going and unfazed by anything he encounters. He plays with other dogs beautifully and politely backs away from any dog not

interested in play. He has not been introduced to children yet but it is hard to imagine anything in life that he wouldn’t greet happily. He walks easily on a leash and seems to be a fast,

focussed learner. He is certainly the darling of the facility where he is waiting for a neuter and will be available for foster or adoption shortly.

Listing Details

State: GA

Entered rescue: Novemeber 19, 2018

Gender: Male

Color: Fawn

Age: 1yr.

History: Stray

Reactions to strangers: Friendly

Demeanor with children: Unknown

Behavior with other dogs: Playful

Behavior with cats: Unknown

House training: Seems Good

Spayed / Neutered: Not yet

Health status: Good