Daisy I - (NC)

Additional Information

Daisy I is a 16 month old brindle female mastiff, bred by her surrendering owner. A few months ago she began showing some movement problems that led to an orthopedic evaluation. She was discovered to have an orthopedic problem rarely seen in large breed dogs which could only be addressed with surgery too expensive for her owners to provide. With fundraising we are providing that surgery and full rehab at a residential rehab hospital and she will soon be good to go!

She comes from a good family with lots of kids and dogs and is good with both of all sizes and ages. Because she ran into an orthopedic problem at the young age when she would have otherwise been getting trained, she has had very little specific training to commands but is certainly smart, eager to please and a quick learner. She quickly caught on to the exercise protocols at the rehab hospital and has been a sweet, cooperative, eager-to please patient for the vet techs.

She is very large, still lanky, very affectionate but definitely under-socialized to many things and needs a foster or adopter with sufficient strength to overrule her occasional startle reactions to unexpected situations. She has seemed sometimes afraid of the male vets in the hospitals but not at all of others outside the hospitals so this is probably a past pain or socialization issue for her to work out. She has no hostility or aggression if something startles her; she simply wants to leave the immediate vicinity!

Like most mastiffs, she is extremely sweet and places great trust in her significant humans. By nature she is calm and relaxed and simply needs more experience in the outside world. She is an absolutely magnificent mastiff for someone mastiff experienced, gifted with the kind of leadership aura that reassures a young mastiff that the occasional alarming situation is indeed no different from other life situations.

Listing Details

State: NC

Entered rescue: December 23, 2018

Gender: Female

Color: Brindle

Age: 16 months

History: Owner Surrender

Reactions to strangers: Friendly

Demeanor with children: Excellent

Behavior with other dogs: Excellent

Behavior with cats: Unknown

House training: Good

Spayed / Neutered: Not yet

Health status: Good