Delilah - (NC)

Additional Information

Delilah is a gorgeous 4 year old dark brindle mastiff whose foster describes her as “a real joy to have around”. She came to her prior family from a NC breeder at the age of 10 weeks and was the adored center of everything until a serious health issue in the family made their regular life impossible and finally made her rehoming a heart-breaking necessity.

Since she was always in the midst of everything going on, it is not surprising that she is very affectionate and trusting with most everyone. She’s a very happy girl, very puppyish still in a lot of her behavior. She loves to follow people around the house and get involved with whatever they are doing. In the evening she’s a real snuggler on the couch, lying right next to someone with her head in a lap, going to sleep.

She came from a family with six children (who had lots of friends) and is adept at accommodating all ages. She was raised with a 15 lb terrier mix so she’s used to small dogs. She blended in easily with the fosters’ three bulldogs and plays enthusiastically with their youngest.

She is usually very good on a leash but if she gets distracted she can pull. She wants very much to please but she needs more training to remember to keep focusing on what you are asking. Her life attitude is splendid; her tail is always wagging and when she’s really happy she laughs and swings her head. She’s a very young 4 and her adopters will need to appreciate her puppyish behavior and be willing to put in some training time to strengthen her impulse control around distractions.

Listing Details

State: NC

Entered rescue: February 5, 2019

Gender: Female

Color: Dark Brindle

Age: 4 yrs.

History: Owner Surrender

Reactions to strangers: Friendly

Demeanor with children: Excellent

Behavior with other dogs: Excellent

Behavior with cats: Unknown

House training: Good

Spayed / Neutered: Yes

Health status: Good