Gracie- Available (SC)

Additional Information

Gracie came into rescue when her owner died unexpectedly, leaving her alone and then in the care of grieving strangers in a chaotic emotional environment. 

When she was first placed into foster she was disoriented and terrified of everything but has progressed well. Initially she mweighed only 112 lbs but she is now up to 125 lbs and should continue to about 135-140.

Within the first week she adjusted to the fosters’ three other dogs. Her best friend is their bullmastiff, another big quiet dog, but she plays with their other two, unless they are being too hyper and excitable. She is happiest when she can be with her people. She stays close when walking and if she wanders she listens to hear if she’s being called to come back. She is very well-mannered on a leash and knows her commands—sit, down, stay, shake and heel. She is a committed snuggler, extremely sweet, alert and sensitive to both praise and “no-nos”. She has no destructive habits when her fosters leave the house and her housebreaking is superb.

She is still disturbed when her surrounding environment gets too chaotic. She would not be comfortable in a house with high energy, excitable dogs, lots of young kids playing or visitors coming in and out of the house. She is sometimes insecure meeting strangers and looks to her people for guidance about what to expect and how to behave. This has improved with her fosters and should continue to improve with time.

Listing Details

State: SC

Entered rescue: September 8, 2018

Gender: Female

Color: Fawn

Age: 3yrs

History: Surrendered by owners family

Reactions to strangers: Sometimes insecure, curious

Demeanor with children: Stressed by active children

Behavior with other dogs: Good with quiet dogs

Behavior with cats: Sometimes chases

House training: Seems Good

Spayed / Neutered: Spayed

Health status: Excellent