Harley - (VA)

Additional Information

Harley is a beautifully raised two year old with all of the classic mastiff traits that make the breed so addictive. Just starting to show the maturity we all wait for, she still has her silly, playful, occasionally uncoordinated, moments, but she is becoming increasingly regal and self- contained. She is sweet, gentle and calm, always looking for connection with her family.

She is great with children of all ages, having spent these first two years with and around a now five year old, 9 year old, 13 and 15 year old. She is curious about strangers but like most mastiffs, wants to spend a few minutes studying their faces and movements before committing to enthusiastic friendship.

She has always been sweet and playful with any dogs she’s met but, as with strangers, is more cautious with new dogs whose behavior she isn’t familiar with yet. She is definitely a thinker, careful and observant with most new things, creatures and situations, and does not make foolish mistakes in her choices.

She is well housebroken, of course, crate-trained and polite on a leash, an elegant lady in private and public. Her family is being transferred to Japan for three to six years in early summer and she will stay with them until a new household is selected.

Listing Details

State: VA

Entered rescue: March 20, 2019

Gender: Female

Color: Fawn

Age: 2 yrs.

History: Owner Surrender

Reactions to strangers: Friendly after introduction

Demeanor with children: Friendly after introduction

Behavior with other dogs: Cautious

Behavior with cats: Unknown

House training: Good

Spayed / Neutered: Scheduled

Health status: Excellent