Jake - Available (FL)

Additional Information

Jake’s life changed dramatically at 20 months old when he was thrown from the bed of a highspeed pick-up truck and suffered a femur broken in twelve places. From the first hospital to the second for surgery, to the third for rehab and the 450 miles of highway in between, everyone would agree that Jake never thought he had a bad moment.

Cheerful and affectionate with everyone, his tail has always been wagging. He has been the Number One Favorite of vet techs along his road to recovery. The main problem during his

long, long rehab has been containing his eagerness to use the leg, particularly in order to get to greet someone. 

Now that the leg is completely healed, he still has a slight limp but it doesn’t slow him down at all. He’s a sweet, happy boy who loves to play Tug and to bound around the water hose. He’s been fine around every dog he’s met but he hasn’t been allowed to play with any. He loves kids but is still too young and exuberant to be around small ones. He is very good about leash walking, stays at your side and doesn’t pull. He’s been a fast learner about commands but needs work on them. He probably needs to be re-acquainted with hanging around a house with the family but that should be pretty easy for him also.

He’s a tall, handsome boy but a little adolescent in his life view of life, so of course needs some patience and training on his road to steady maturity.

Listing Details

State: FL (Temporarily)

Entered rescue: August 13, 2018

Gender: Male

Color: Fawn

Age: 2yrs

History: Owner Surrender

Reactions to strangers: Friendly

Demeanor with children: Excited 

Behavior with other dogs: Good

Behavior with cats: Unknown

House training: Good

Spayed / Neutered: Yes

Health status: Excellent