Lucy- (NC)

Additional Information

Lucy is a mastiff mix whose family was overcome by health issues compounded by the destructive force of Florence. 

Adopted at three months, much-loved and cared for by that family, she is sweet and affectionate with everyone—people, other dogs, and even cats. Like many dogs who have been the focus of family attention, she has a lot of personality that she likes expressing. She is crate-trained and loves her crate. She has always had access to a large yard and will go to the door to be let out and will bark to come back in. She has only been on a leash to go to

the vet or the groomer so her leash manners leave a lot to be desired if long leisurely walks are on the agenda. She is extremely quick to learn, however, and very interested in pleasing so better leash manners shouldn’t be demanding.

Her favorite activities are whatever yours are. She loves cuddling, watching television, hanging out when you’re reading, playing cards, having friends over. She likes a lot of conversation, exchanging opinions about life and making you laugh. 

The volunteers who evaluated her said that between her affectionate temperament and personality she’s a hard dog not to put in the car and bring home.

Listing Details

State: NC

Entered rescue: Novemeber 24, 2018

Gender: Female

Color: Brindle

Age: 3yr.

History: Owner Surrender

Reactions to strangers: Friendly

Demeanor with children: Good

Behavior with other dogs: Good

Behavior with cats: Good

House training: Good

Spayed / Neutered: Spayed

Health status: Excellent