Mouse - Available (AL)

Additional Information

Mouse has a case of young puppy energy who needs mental and physical stimulation and boundaries until his inner sedate mastiff shows up! He needs a big fenced yard and an

enthusiastic play buddy. He has boundless good will and responds quickly when you set boundaries (i.e. no jumping or play biting) and is quite willing to sit quietly as long as he also

gets the activity time he needs. This is the mastiff who dreams of being your jogging partner!

He is excellent with other dogs, although he can sometimes play rough because he is still a baby. He has appropriate canine social skills, adjusting his response to the energy and interest of other dogs, accepting “Not now!” with grace. He is fascinated by cats, showing no aggression whatsoever but wanting to nose them, slobber over them and deliver play bows, not necessarily appealing to the cat! The same behavior would probably be seen with small dogs and children. 

He needs a consistent, experienced owner who understands that his

primary need at this stage is for exercise and clear structure. He is very open and friendly with a wonderful attitude about life in general. He very much wants to please and will mature into a phenomenal adult.

Listing Details

State: AL

Entered rescue: October 06, 2018

Gender: Male

Color: Brindle

Age: 1.5yr

History: Stray

Reactions to strangers: Friendly

Demeanor with children: Friendly - No Small Children

Behavior with other dogs: Excellent

Behavior with cats: Unknown

House training: Good

Spayed / Neutered:  Scheduled

Health status: Excellent