Additional Information

Oliver is the consummate gentleman!

He came into a GA shelter as a stray but healthy, well cared for and so exceptionally sweet and well-behaved that the shelter staff began reaching out for breed specific rescues to find him the appropriate home. He was evaluated by a volunteer who confirmed his terrific easy-going temperament. At our boarding facility he quickly became a favorite and went into foster on December 27.

His foster has reported that he is indeed, very sweet (“my shadow almost immediately”) and well-behaved. “He sits quietly with us by the table when we eat and has never once begged or bothered anyone.” Although warned that he needed better leash training, he only pulled going out the door the first time and stopped when corrected. On the first walk they ran into a neighbor and he sat patiently at the foster’s side while she spoke with the neighbor. (CGC anyone?)

He is quite smart and a very attentive listener, very committed to paying attention and getting it right. He has lots of personality, more of which is unfolding as he gets more comfortable. 

He plays enthusiastically and nicely with females but has not been put out with males since he has not yet been neutered. He had no negative reactions, however, to the young male (also intact) dog he traveled with on the long trip to his foster.

Listing Details

State: NC

Entered rescue: Novemeber 3, 2018

Gender: Male

Color: Brindle

Age:. 4-5 yrs.

History: Stray

Reactions to strangers: Friendly

Demeanor with children: Unknown

Behavior with other dogs: Good wit females (males unknown)

Behavior with cats: Unknown

House training: Good

Spayed / Neutered: Scheduled

Health status: Excellent