If you are considering adopting from SSMR, but do not see a dog that interests you, please consider filling out an adoption application and going through the approval process. That way, if a dog that matches your needs comes in, it can greatly expedite the adoption process. We often check with our list of approved homes when a dog first comes in to see if there is a potential match – and sometimes those dogs go straight to their new homes after their vet work is complete instead of going on the website. We update the available dogs weekly, so check back often.

Available Mastiffs

Haley (SC)


Haley is a nine year old mastiff matron who was surrendered to a shelter when her family became homeless and could not find a shelter for themselves that would take a dog, particularly such a large one...

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Lucy (NC)


 Lucy is a mastiff mix whose family was overcome by health issues compounded by the destructive force of Florence. She is sweet and affectionate with everyone... 

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Oliver (NC)


 Oliver is the consummate gentleman! He came into a GA shelter as a stray but healthy, wellcared for and so exceptionally sweet and well-behaved... 

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Mack (NC)


Mack is a four year old magnificent brindle male raised from a puppy by his owner who was forced to surrender him after a divorce. He has always...

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Harley (VA)


Harley is a beautifully raised two year old with all of the classic mastiff traits that make them breed so addictive. Just starting to show the maturity we all wait for, she still has her silly...

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Jessie (SC)


Jessie is a sweet and extremely entertaining and affectionate three year old, surrendered due to the extreme illness of a family member... 

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Bella (SC)


Bella is a chubby, fawn, four year old female, very dedicated to being a “good girl”. Sweet, calm and well behaved, she seems to have only virtues...

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Delilah (NC)


Delilah is a gorgeous 4 year old dark brindle mastiff whose foster describes her as “a real joy to have around”. She came to her prior family from a NC breeder at the age of 10 weeks...

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George (SC)


George is a young (12-15 months) charming male Cane Corso taken in from a South Carolina shelter where he was the apple of everyone’s eye. He is in foster in South Carolina where he is now the apple of the foster’s eye....

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China (SC)


China is a relatively rare entity—a long-coated English Mastiff, sometimes known as a “fluffy”. They come in all the mastiff colors and the coat is exceptionally soft and silky, variable in density...

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The Judge (TN)


 The Judge is a sweet, amiable 8-9 year old mastiff mix who was left behind in an empty apartment when his owner(s) moved out, found by two kind strangers who took him to the shelter.... 

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Nyla (VA)


Nyla is a lovely 16 month old apricot puppy who came to us when an anticipated marriage didn’t occur and the exiting party didn’t take her along! She’s been lovingly raised...

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